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About Us

Here at TRS, we specialise in investment and financial planning advice. We primarily operate in the South Wales and border area, with our customer base stretching from the Gwent valleys to Monmouthshire, Newport and Herefordshire.

Our business has been growing steadily since we were established in 1985, as our existing and satisfied customers highly recommend our services. We do no advertise and only accept new clients who have been endorsed by current customers. We therefore do not encourage cold enquiries.

The firm was founded in November 1985 and was subsequently registered with FIMBRA according to the Financial Services Act 1986 as Independent Financial Advisors.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on giving our customers an individual and comprehensive service.

  • Investment Planning
  • Advice on Pension Planning
  • Advice on Taxation
  • Advice on Life Assurance
  • Mortgage Advice and Arrangements
  • We also negotiate special or advantageous terms for investment considerably better than that offered on the market

T.R.S. Independent Financial Advisors are Authorised and Regulated by the FSA